Are you searching for painters that can help you out with your painting project?

No need to search further because Southern Highlands Restoration & Painting are your local painting specialist here to meet your requirements with consistent, outstanding results.

Whether you need a total restoration bringing the old to its former glory, exterior painting, rejuvenation of a tired home or simply just to brighten up a dull finish. We provide an array of painting services for you, from a single room to an entire home with meticulous attention to detail.

We pride ourselves in providing quality workmanship and excellent service. We know the importance of listening and working together every step of the way ensuring the finish product meets your specifications and satisfaction.

A consistent high quality painting service for both exterior & interior along with unique personal values makes Southern Highlands Painters the best choice for your next project.

Let the Southern Highlands expert painters analyze your paint situation and give you a free estimate on what is needed to bring your home to its ultimate beauty. Currently offering excellent discounts on Exterior PaintingWeatherboard Painting and House Painting. Due to popular demand, we now provide Sydney Painters with the same quality finish and exceptional workmanship. Our Sydney Painting team is well established and have already serviced over 100 beautiful homes.


Painting Basis Procedures

Complete weatherboard timber restoration
Lead paint abatement process water based conversion
Tannin Blocked / Primed / Sealed / Under Coated / Top Coated Weathershield Finish

New build or renovations
Primed / Sealed / Undercoated / Top Coated Weathershield Finish

Repair & fill visible signs of unstable paint
Under Coat where necessary / Top Coated Weathershield Finish

Re paint good condition existing
Weathershield exterior finish or Wash & Wear interior finish

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