Resurrect the old world charm of an era gone bye to your pre-loved home,bringing it back to its former glory or giving it a revamp adding new colour & life with the full spectrum of high quality designer finishes, bringing it into the 21st century.

Southern Highlands Restorations is your local restoration specialist. We take great pleasure in the abundant scope of conservation works found in the Southern Highlands heritage and non-heritage buildings.

It is very easy to choose the route of a quick clean & paint over for a quick sale,however to give justice to a loved home that is expected to surpass the test of time & add a far greater value is to start from scratch, as any coat of paint applied is only as stable as the coating beneath. Preparation is the key to longevity not just a high quality paint alone,not to mention the fact that before 1970, paints containing high levels of lead were used in many Australian houses & exposure to lead from flaking chipped paint is highly hazardous.

We also offer Heritage Restoration services in Historical Building and Federation style homes.

For this reason Southern Highlands Restorations use the following basis procedure:

  • lead paint abatement where all coats of existing paint are shaved off being extracted into a hepa vacuum system containing all lead particles & dust.

  • after the lead paint is removed & the timbers are exposed a rough grit power sand will remove the remains & a smooth grit power sand will close the pores of the timber

  • surface clean

  • a tannin blocking primer may now be applied to lock into the naked surface

  • caulking , filling ,repairs may be made

  • sealer undercoat may be applied

  • weather shield final coats may be applied

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